Variety at Work in April 2019

At the request of Health Visitors and Social Workers there were ten requests for food and three requests for uniform, baby clothes and shoes. We also bought a set of bunk beds, a single bed, bedding and pillows for a family who were moving house. We paid for nine days holiday care and contributed to childcare fees. We also paid towards one school trip.

The Crew agreed to pay one month’s emergency rent for a family and make a £500 donation towards a new minibus for St Martins Primary School.

The totals for the month of April are 20 families with 57 children amounting to £3,512. 85.

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This years Children’s Summer Party will be on Sunday 7th July from 12.30 to 3.00 p.m. The Jersey Mutual Insurance Society have again very generously sponsored this event. The invitations will go out at the beginning of June and the entertainment has been reserved.