Variety's Children's Summer Party 2019

On Sunday 7th July 2019, Variety, the Children’s Charity held a Children’s Summer Party at the Hotel Ambassadeur for 57 children and their siblings, parents and carers. A wonderful party lunch with desserts, including jelly of course, was enjoyed by everyone. DJ Lummy provided suitable music for children to dance to, Royston came along and absolutely delighted the children with his magic. He provided balloons so that all the children could make their own ‘balloon dog’. There were two face painters and the children who wished to had their faces painted. At the end of the party the children were given going home presents, Woody and Buzz Light Year for the boys and Shopkins and Jessicake dolls for the girls. And just in case the children still had space in their ‘pudding tummies’ they had an extra ice cream for on the way home.

This party was again sponsored by The Jersey Mutual Insurance Society to whom Variety are extremely grateful.