Variety at Work in August 2019


As we expected July and August have been particularly busy months, with referrals for help with uniform and shoes being the highest ever, as far as I am aware. Seeing the request forms it is very sad to see so many families who struggle financially to meet the basic day to day needs. This month we have spent £8,946. 27 on uniforms and shoes for school.

Over and above this we have provided food, nappies baby milk and wipes. We have bought a cot bed with mattress and 3 beds with bedding for young boys. We have also bought two buggies and five car seats all for low income families, in some cases where there are health problems or the children have special needs. We also bought a fridge and a cooker for a family who were being re-homed from furnished accommodation to an unfurnished home. We also paid for 3 individual week’s holiday care for three children due to illness of the caring parent.

The totals for the month are 72 families with 171 children amounting to £11,080. 27.

Included in this month’s figures is the cost of providing a light lunch for 150 children at the Battle of Flowers Funfair.

Barker Jeanette Pinel
Variety at Work